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maru statistics...

since my last physical I have realized...holy shit I'm skinny as hell... I think this is important to put down for the journal of a twisted brainchild so I can keep track (since no one reads this anyway)

Okay here we go
*Height: 5'5" 
   well I'm almost 15 and I'm 5'5"...seems fair enough,eh?

*Weight: 97.8
    I've grown one inch and gained one pound since my 13 year checkup last October  >.< I really need to gain weight and like now... I EAT FUCKING DONUTS NONSTOP DAMNIT WHY WON'T I PUT ON SOME POUNDS TO SHUT MY DOCTOR THE FUCK UP! ...*cough*

*apparently I have scoliosis also...which means my spine is curved...btw it's thoratic not lumbar...

lol so yes this is for my records and all my imaginary friends can have a nice day!