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Visual kei survey!

I've decided to do this becuase of boredom and there is really no better way to waste my time~ 
Enjoy my little pineapples!

1. Top Ten Favorite Visual Kei Bands/artists (don’t have to be in any particular order if you don’t want them to be).
  1. The Piass
  3. サンドイッチで120分?
  4. 秘密結社コドモA
  5. グルグル映画館
  6. LuLu
  7. Dir En Grey(older)
  9. 駄子果子
  10. Metronome
2. Best Live band - ANTI FEMINISM. if youve ever been to one of their lives...it's a fucking party! Kenzi always throws himself into the crowd and let's you touch him but watch out for his burnt skin and blood flying out at you :D

3. Your favorite PV - xx奴隷 by The Piass

4. Your top 5 in terms of style and skill
Vocalists- KENZI(anti feminism),Yu-dai(sex android),Eiji(サンドイッチで120分?),Tetsuya(ex.Piass)
Lyricists- Eiji(サンドイッチで120分?), Kyo(DEG)
Guitarists- Takken(サンドイッチで120分?),Takayuki(the piass),MiA(Mejibray),Toru(sex android)
Bassists- Kouta(サンドイッチで120分?),Junro(sex android),Toshiya(DEG)
Drummers- Shinya(DEG),KENZI(anti feminism)<-----yes he plays drums too,Rucola(ex.サンドイッチで120分?)

(Obviously most are from my favorite bands) 

5. Most romantic song - Feel Love For You by The Piass

6. Song that makes you happy - LEFT WING by The Piass with RA'S TESTARS

7. Band that you respect but don’t like - Alice nine. :/

8. The song that you are currently obsessed with - Shita Kiri Suzume by The Piass

9. A popular band that you dislike- Vivid and SuG

10. Do you prefer jrockers with or without makeup? it doesn't matter for me...I mean...if your music is kickass then why does it matter? 

11. If you had to pick 5 jrockers to help you fight the zombie apocalypse who would you pick and why? 
1.Takayuki (piass) becuase he is a fucking badass and is in complete allies with KENZI! He seems like a zombie killing type :3
2.Kenzi(anti feminism) do I really need a reason? This man sets himself on fire...on purpose.....NUFF SAID.
3.Eiji(サンドイッチで120分?) just becuase he writes songs about girls with bombs in their vagina...
4.Junro(sex android) his creepy clown hair will scare away any zombies that pass >:D
5.Taa(LuLu) he will provide us with the drugs needed for combat :3

12. Pick three songs that you think most people haven’t heard that you think are extraordinary - 
1.帰省中 by The Piass
2.Tm Deadwork by サンドイッチで120分?
3.晴天日記 by サンドイッチで120分?
4.Despair by The Piass(adding a 4th becuase they fucking deserve it)
13. Your all time favorite jrocker - Eiji and Takayuki

14. Favorite look - サンドイッチで120分? yugure girlfriend look.

That is all my lovelies!