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Aug. 19th, 2012

*super happy face*

School starts back in 3 days! So excited!  I think I'm gonna wear my white skinnys and pink and orange sweater! Of course with airwalks >w> I got my schedule and map so I have to plan out where I'll be going! 

So I'm in the waiting room in Hollywood Tans hoping my mom will hurry the fuck up with her stupid tanning >.> this is just a reminder of how I have no friends DX someone talk to me O w O""

Thank you smilesxchibi for recommending the whole solo career thing! > w > I have never thought of that before "ORZ lol I think my top three band influences are like The Piass, Sandwich de 120 pun ,and SEX ANDROID imo > w < (is secretly thinking of an Atari Teenage Riot influence too) I dunno I just like the idea of having band members to lean on y'know  ; w ;  anyway cya round!

Aug. 17th, 2012

(no subject)

lol school starts back in 5 FUCKING DAYS! I'm gonna be a freshman \(//∇//)\ lol I'm kinda nervous but w/e it was the same way starting middle school O w O

Gahh...I'm really tired but I managed to stay awake and watch inocente O w O she's so beautiful and inspiring! I wish she had tumblr XD 

I GOT SEXY PLEATHER LEGGINGS THAT ARE CUTEEEEEEEE! They have zippers on the ankle and it's shiny black O w O

That is all.

Aug. 14th, 2012


I just got my schedule for school and I'm in this program called "A&E math"! It's a program for kids with rare talents (an unusual way of learning things,but being great at it) 


Trip to Salisbury

I came back last night but was to tired to even sit straight so I didn't blog XD we stayed at my cousin Ashely's house and did alot of outdoorsy crap like swimming in creeks,hiking,picking berrys and such >w<  they dont have Internet at their house so I couldn't blog then either XD the Mcdonalds had wi fi but I used that to watch videos from my iPod XD  We went back in these trails and mud bogged ourselfs all throughout it ^w^ we looked like swamp monsters when we finished ,especially since we drove in my dads Kawasaki cart XD

school starts back in 8 days...8 FRIKIN DAYS! I'm excited since I'll be a freshman O w O So many new friends! At least I hope so cuz I'm still trying to find friends who like jrock/visual kei. There's plenty of people who like manga and anime but no visual kei D:  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD. Hell,I still can't even get a LJ friend let alone a real one DX w/e still have stephy :))))))

Guess what I found on LJ today? THE 5000 QUESTION THINGY!!!! I have to take it becuase there is no better way to waste my time besides watching if...reset by THE PIASS  20 million times in a row!! I luvver the piass *____* PIASS FANS SHOULD TALK TO ME! ..........................no just.....no. I'll prolly start it today ,so wish me luck!

Aug. 11th, 2012

Back home!

Yeah I returned from west Virginia about 30 minutes ago ^w^ we played around on jet skis and got on my dads speedboat O w O I was kinda afraid though cuz I can't swim to well XD  after that we had to go help my dads drunken freind pull his golf cart back to his trailer XD he had a sign on it that said "fuck with me and your fucking with the whole trailer park" XD I love hillbillys :D we just kinda messed around on the golf cart and in the trailer and went home! It was nice out so we took advantage of it ^w^

I came home bloated DX I ate a lot of pretzels with peanut butter in it and some gummies XD not a fun time...just no...so I took maalox! Sankyu maalox XD

My mom came home from tanning with a thorn up her ass again ~_~" ....."MICHAELA PUT THESE DAMN TOWELS IN A NEATER PILE" nag nag nag....but she did buy me some new earbuds XD I thanked her of course even though she is quite bitchy most of the time XD

If my dad doesn't go to church tomarrow we might take a trip to Salisbury (・◇・)/~~~ I love Salisbury! Even though I still like Rehobith more >w>



Here we go...

Well I don't remember blogging yesterday so I will do it now! We had a huge downpour yesterday while I was at the valley mall >.< We didn't get caught in it though XD

I GOT MY GLASSES! you don't even know how awesome it is to have crystal clear vision after everything being so blurry!!! Thank you Allegany Optical ;w; also got my clothes off of layaway but I can't wear them till school starts (freshman bitches) but still I'm very excited ! Well yeah I continued on to Strawberry and got two sweaters XD very very cute ! They look almost fairy kei so that makes me very happy *w* oh yes a piass fan likes fairy kei XD I even have サンドイッチで120分?ー Neverland and Akai Hal albums ^w^ I'm just crazy XD I got 2 pairs of air walks too :) oh yeah! That's it XD we finished off the day by going to long John silvers XD w/e I had fun XD

today in about 15 minutes I'm leaving to go to riverbend park on the Potomac ^w^ So I'll blog once I get home!

Aug. 9th, 2012


Well yeah XD I didn't blog last night becuase I was at my grandmas house >w> SHE FOUND A FRIGGIN PUPPY! It's an all black pomeranian and its so damn lovable! We named it bubbles O w O We gave her a bath and fed her some sausage and  cat food since we don't have any dog food but she ate it all! We thought she had fleas cuz she's itching like crazy but there is none ^.^ So yeah the owner hasn't claimed her yet but... We'll probably end up keeping her :D

So yeah I was walking back home today from the store and some boy (looked about 12) asked if I had a phone and I said yes XD he wanted to know if I liked him and I said I don't even know you >w> Yeah apparently he likes me and then asked if I wanted to go out lololololol at that point I was laughing and said no XD he said hi to me the day before but w/e XD

when I came back home today I watched some old gazette PV's and got really nostalgic DX and when I mean old I mean like Sentimental Na Onigokko old O w O really awesome how they looked almost angura/eroguro back then...but things have changed a lot since then so w/e. Finished it off by watching some good ol' piass songs >w< heard from the piass comm that their making a new album but I doubt it >~> it's been 4 years damnit! Come on now I'm hungry for some friggin piass! lol Ive been also wanting to learn Dolei on guitar but I need a tutor DX Anyway that's all for now~ 

Aug. 8th, 2012

Good morning~

Yeah it's 10:35 here in Maryland now so I have to wake up and get some chores done >.<   Ohh yes I have to do chores XD  So this Friday I think I'm getting my glasses fitted and taking my clothes off of layaway for school (・◇・)/~~~  I'll probably post it on my newly created tumblr >w> I'm also thinking about making an Ameba blog so I can chat with my pen pals~ My Japanese sucks though >.< Anyone willing to tutor me? XD

Ive really been thinking about letting my hair grow super long since I kinda regret cutting it so damn short in the first place DX but then I also love my short hair O.O decisions desicions XD yeah so last night I figured out I gained 3 lbs. >.< I was 92 and now I'm 95 DX my dad told me to quit trying to be anorexic...when the truth is I eat a lot and I love it but just somehow manage to burn it off XD it's not my fault I'm an overly hyperactive 14 year old XD

So right before I went to bed I watched Nega DELUGE PV and it was awesome XD I mean the song wasn't great but it matched the video :)))) It looked like semen coming out of that girls mouth though on Yuu's part XD w/e San looked adorbs XD and Ray without makeup is SEXY~ but yeah I think that's all for now XD

Aug. 7th, 2012


Heyy there :D I am pretty much new to LJ and I'm hoping to make some new friends with the same interests XD I love jrock and some bands include the piass and ANTI FEMINSM! I'm not your typical girl but people tend to think I am that don't know me very well >w> my closest friends think I am a lovable weirdo  and it's completely true XD I can also be a complete jerk and be inconsiderate of others at times >.< No one ever really sees my bitchy side though XD Anyway yeah! I love Stephen king and  Camilla D'errico  (as they are my influence ) and my bias is Takayuki of the piass ^w^  but ...hee.... PLEASE WELCOME ME! *bows* 

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