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Aug. 14th, 2012

Trip to Salisbury

I came back last night but was to tired to even sit straight so I didn't blog XD we stayed at my cousin Ashely's house and did alot of outdoorsy crap like swimming in creeks,hiking,picking berrys and such >w<  they dont have Internet at their house so I couldn't blog then either XD the Mcdonalds had wi fi but I used that to watch videos from my iPod XD  We went back in these trails and mud bogged ourselfs all throughout it ^w^ we looked like swamp monsters when we finished ,especially since we drove in my dads Kawasaki cart XD

school starts back in 8 days...8 FRIKIN DAYS! I'm excited since I'll be a freshman O w O So many new friends! At least I hope so cuz I'm still trying to find friends who like jrock/visual kei. There's plenty of people who like manga and anime but no visual kei D:  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD. Hell,I still can't even get a LJ friend let alone a real one DX w/e still have stephy :))))))

Guess what I found on LJ today? THE 5000 QUESTION THINGY!!!! I have to take it becuase there is no better way to waste my time besides watching if...reset by THE PIASS  20 million times in a row!! I luvver the piass *____* PIASS FANS SHOULD TALK TO ME! ..........................no just.....no. I'll prolly start it today ,so wish me luck!